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Exhibited Getty Gallery London 2017

Winner Portrait of Britain 2019

"Her photography is powerful and moving " 

The Photography Movement.

"Highly Rated. Sincere, poignant and classical work."  

Magnum Photography

Solo Exhibition Manchester 2018

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Your Story

First I get to know what matters to you. We want to challenge stereotypes and create more positive images of more diverse families.

To help me to see "family" from your point of view could you think about by the following? (If you want to chat email or phone 0784 072 6363).

1. Which LGBTQ stereotypes annoy or concern you? ( We will explore/challenge or avoid them.)

2. You see many LGBTQ narratives in the media - which stories are missing? ( My job is to construct better or new narratives.)

3. If you promoted a positive image of LGBTQ parents and children - what would that message be? (If you tell me with words I will work out how to say it with photography.)

The Shoot

Most shoots last for about 2 hours. My work is candid, but not entirely left to chance! So if I see great light or gorgeous composition I may ask you to be in the best spot. I like to chat through your story and work out how to represent that with images. The images above were all taken in natural light - the sofa, the bed or kitchen. I spend time watching you. This is art work not a high street studio!

The Edit

High end re - touching is not standard though if you get a spot - that I can disappear of course!

Your Choice

You receive a complimentary image as a thank you for taking part.

All of the families I shoot for want to buy some images. I can print, frame and gift wrap if it is a present or you may buy a half price bundle:

5 High Resolution =£100

20 High Resolution = £300

or the whole folder for £400)

This way you may print as desired and make a family album or book, a calendar, send them to relatives, even write a blog.

Your shoot is free.


"Allie has the ability to make you feel totally relaxed even when being photographed, she is a lovely, energetic and warm presence to have around and slots into the family surroundings with such ease."

"Allie will gauge a child’s mood instantly and knows exactly how and when to get the best from a shoot and her images show a wonderful use of both natural light and any surroundings in which she finds herself.

In just the short time she spent with my family she was able to capture what I love most about my funny, quirky, live wire of a little boy (and my partner too!).

Allie then gave me the opportunity to review all the images and pick my favourites but I honestly couldn't chose so I took the lot as I loved every single one!! They are a cherished memento of our family and we are grateful to have them."

Possible Stories

Birth  Intros  Christening   Birthday  Wedding

Trans    Lesbian    Gay 

Busy life (rushing to work) Male, Female   Multi Tasking 

Baby blues (male)  

Toilet/ bathroom   Bedtime    Playtime     Mealtime


Breastfeeding       Bottle feeding


Pride parade    Twins    

Argument     Pregnant     Surrogacy 

GDPR : Here you may opt in or out and even change your mind at a later stage! I will also ask your permission about images I wish to use and I know we cannot place shots of adopted children on social media. 


The Photographer will display images covered by this contract to generally promote the business, providing that the images are used lawfully and without damage to the Clients.

The Clients agrees that images covered by this contract may be shared on the following channels:

• The Photographer’s website

• The Photographer’s social media channels, including but not withstanding Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

• As printed material, for example, in portfolio albums

• Selected third party media e.g.  my blogs, magazines.

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