5 Top Tips For Photographing Your Own Children.

 Get Your Phone Out!

1. Don’t say CHEESE. I’m not a fan of the cheesy smile, it looks a bit fake. So try asking your child to look into the camera calmly and let you see into their eyes!
2. Crack a joke. I love the way children look when they belly laugh. They are not self conscious and this is true joy. Go with it even if they get a bit rude!
3. Finding the light. I’m a bit (totally) obsessed about light, I like a certain type and I ruthlessly seek it out. Here is an easy tip for you- put your back to the sun or window light. This way the child is lit evenly. Unless you want to get arty and faff around like me! Better to focus on the kid not the technical stuff.
4. Capture the personality of your child. We often feel the need to make every photo a “jolly” one. What about the other emotions like the thoughtfulness or concentration when they are reading or drawing? Your kid has lots of faces that reflect who they really are.
5. Lights -Camera- Action. Last week I went outside with my daughter when she was playing sports. Galloping on a horse. So how do you avoid the blurry Dad shot?
( Sorry Dads - but Dads always ask me this not Mums). You need a fast shutter speed. Your phone camera will do this more easily if you avoid using the zoom ( walk in) and put the sun behind you, even on a cloudy day.
If you need help you can post an image and I will give you one to one coaching for free. 

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