Inspiring Women on International Women’s Day!


Tonight, the 8th March is International Woman’s Day and I am to photograph the “Women in the Law” Annual Dinner. The highlight for me will be meeting a self declared feminist, who has promoted diversity on the bench and was is the first ever female president of The Supreme Court. Baroness Hale is described as a feisty woman and as a special bonus the Daily Mail is not so keen on her progressive views, so I am liking her before we have even met! Brenda Hale taught Law at Manchester University for 18 years so it is fitting that she will be celebrated in our city for International Women’s Day 2018.

I was invited to photograph the event by Sally Penni who is award winning Manchester Barrister and campaigner for Women’s equality. Like Brenda Hale she promotes diversity and is an awesome force of charm, intelligence and energy. I met her when she interviewed me at Didsbury FM and she can hold a room!

This will be the first job that my daughter has assisted me on so it is rather fitting that she gains some work experience (she is an A level student) at The Midland Hotel with a room filled with amazing women! Book me for your corporate events, web images and head shots.

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