LGBTQ Wedding and Engagement Shoots

The engagement and wedding season is imminent and this year with a Royal wedding your families may have higher than ever expectations. You may feel the need to live up to the Royals, even if like me, you don’t even like or respect them. There will be no escaping the daily media focus, but how does that make you feel?

Now gay and lesbian weddings are fairly commonplace, lots of venues offer “diversity and acceptance” but if you are trans gendered things are often difficult. The trans women I shoot are very diverse, there isn’t one pattern. Some are in relationships with men, some women, some see surgery as a solution to being born into the wrong body and some don’t. I could go on, but you get the idea. It is not as clear cut as sexual orientation. 

If you are LGBTQ you need the right people to handle your wedding. You need an ally. So if the Chairperson of Sparkle (the national trans gender charity) pays me a compliment I am going to publish it!

” Allie is very easy to work with, and being relaxed is essential for a good photograph.

The end result was a superb study and I have had lots of compliments on my portrait.” Joanne Mason.

So if you are looking for an intimate engagement shoot or a talented ally on the big day email me or phone for a chat! I have added a Stonewall link with up to date U.K. guidelines and legalities below. 

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