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"Highly Rated. Sincere, poignant classical work." Magnum Photography

Exhibited Getty Gallery London 2017

Shortlisted Portrait of Britain 2017



Having previously exhibited at the Getty Gallery and Lloyds of London. Allie’s portraits have met with critical acclaim. Described as "Highly rated, sincere, poignant and classical..." by Magnum, and as "...a terrific body of work filled with heart and empathy" by LensCulture, her work was shortlisted for the prestigious Portrait of Britain award in 2017 and a piece from You brought Your Own Light reached the final of the BJP Portrait of Humanity in 2109. 

Her photographic portraiture recognises that there is nothing linear, defined or straightforward about femininity, or what it means to be a woman, or a family, in the 21st century. Sex and gender are not limited to the monolithic paradigm of genetics; they are informed by something intangible, and it this essence of the female paradox that makes Allie's work as relevant as it is important. Her work is characterised by a disarming authenticity evoked by the value she places in the individual, their story, and the moment.

Allie's work and sensitivity is informed by her own abusive childhood which stifled her creativity and power of expression. Overcoming these events and rebuilding her life has given her a unique insight that enables her to convey powerfully honest photographic narratives of subjects who have transformed; rediscovering themselves after battling adversity.  Her insistence that her work should remain authentic, creative and kind in order to capture the truth about her subjects was the inspiration for the title of her exhibition.  Sponsored by Sparkle (the National Transgender Charity), the nine-week show at Manchester Central Library, entitled 'You Brought Your Own Light', is a celebration of Allie's groundbreaking and evocative work with transgender subjects. It was nominated for a City Life Award 2019. 

"Highly rated, sincere, poignant and classical work." Magnum Photography

"Super warm and welcoming, she captures the real you."

Based in the North West and Manchester. Travel by arrangement. 


"On the day of the shoot Allie was just brilliant with my uncooperative 1 yr old son and exited 7 yr old step daughter during the photoshoot. She even let my step daughter take some pictures of us!" Joanne  

"Absolutely amazing, Allie made me feel at ease throughout the whole shoot. Allie was amazing with my two year old daughter! Thank you so much! Our photos are absolutely gorgeous!" Sophie

 "Allie has a wonderful gift with people that puts you at ease and makes the magic happen. She encourages the real you, not some stiff, unreal image. it’s very organic and enjoyable with a natural flow. She gives you the ability to express yourself and gently directs and encourages if you’re not sure how." Gillian

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