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About Me

Winner Portrait of Britain 2019

"Highly Rated. Sincere, poignant classical work." Magnum Photography

Exhibited Getty Gallery London 2017

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As a portrait photographer I reveal my secrets as often as those of my subjects. My series “You Brought your Own Light” is a map of me and when I photograph subjects I try to make a connection so that those who sit, may reveal themselves. I am attracted to the vulnerability because I find a tender beauty there. I like to work out a shot in my head first, then allow my heart and breath to take over and it often feels as if I am consumed by the currents flowing beneath the surface.

I am currently working on an Arts Council England book of portraits, am artist in residence for a lgbtq’s parents group and have just completed a series of portraits for the NHS that celebrate BAME leaders. Using art to give a voice to those often denied power is something I feel passionately about, to become a campaigner by giving visibility to another person’s narrative. If I make tiny changes to the world using my art my life will have been lived meaningfully.

Having previously exhibited at the Getty Gallery and Lloyds of London, my portraits have met with critical acclaim. Described as "Highly rated, sincere, poignant and classical..." by Magnum Photography, and as "...a terrific body of work filled with heart and empathy" by LensCulture, my work was shortlisted for the prestigious Portrait of Britain award in 2017 and had a solo show in 2018 and won the BJP Portrait of Britain 2019.

"Highly rated, sincere, poignant and classical work." Magnum Photography

"Super warm and welcoming, she captures the real you."

Based in the North West. Travel by arrangement.

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