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Commission a Business Portrait

A single portrait, or a series, commissioned by you is a  show-stopping way to create a marketing campaign for International Women's Day, Black History Month, Disability History Month, World Aids Day, Mental Health Awareness Month and Pride Events. Celebrating your diversity and inclusion projects, your teams' resilience, your inspiring leaders and new talent in your organisation.

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(Image for the NHS celebrating diversity)


 An Artist in Residence 

Working with a photographer as your artist-in-residence is an opportunity to say something beautiful, impactful, and inspiring. The creative force we create together can empower people to solve jaded problems with a different energy. We can work together to provoke new thinking and engage people in different conversations. Through art, we can allow different views to be heard in a way that allows people to explore transformations and embrace change. Art facilitates this by allowing us to see through different lenses. 

By creating a residency you have an opportunity to support an artist and gain a very interesting way to promote creativity and well-being in your workplace. My last residency was for the charity SafeLives.  I made a portrait series that was exhibited and we had a footfall of 886,800 and coverage from the national press and TV. This gave an audience reach that far exceeded the average marketing budget.

 I am mentored by David Drake and work with Professor Martin Parr, Professor Donovan Wyle and Ken Grant. If you wish to exhibit the photographs, I use a production company that directs the logistics and raises capital. Tim Harrison has produced art that explores well-being for many years and has a wealth of experience. He is awesome on a team. 

So how might we work together? Can you mentor me and agree to guide me through ethical issues? If you have training would you invite me to join you so I may learn?  Would you agree to me being onsite sometimes to gain a sense of belonging to your organisation? 

A lot of the "details" are flexible. Some companies want an artist to work with them occasionally and involve your people in creative work. Some wish me to present my project at meetings and this can be really inspiring for staff. I have 20 years of lecturing experience and this may also be of value.


 Winner of Portrait of Britain by British Journal of Photography & Hoxton Mini Press 2023 & 2019

Winner Edition365 2023

Portrait of Humanity by British Journal of Photography and Hoxton Mini Press 2022

Royal Photographic Society International Award shortlist 2021

AOP Emerging Talent  Finalist 2020

Photo London 2020

BJP Portrait of Britain 2017 shortlist

(Image made for  SICK! & SafeLives whose patron is the Queen Consort).


Winner BJP Portrait of Britain 2023
Winner BJP Portrait of Britain 2019
Winner BJP Portrait of Britain 2023
Winner BJP Portrait of Britain 2019
Winner BJP Portrait of Britain 2023
Winner BJP Portrait of Britain 2019

"It is a terrific body of work and I'm not surprised it has been gaining attention. These images have a lot of heart and empathy, they offer detail and a real sense of actual relationships. I feel like these images are, in some sense, an account of love and are timeless in that sense. They do not judge, in fact, they celebrate in a gentle and accommodating way." LensCulture.

"Highly rated, sincere, poignant and classical." Magnum Photo

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