portrait series commissioned by you is a  show stopping way to create a marketing campaign for International Women's Day, Black History Month, Disability History Month, World Aids Day, Mental Health Awareness Month and Pride Events. Celebrating your diversity and inclusion projects, the resilience of your teams, your inspiring leaders and new talent in your organisation.

During the pandemic I created a portrait series during my residency with SafeLives, a national domestic abuse charity of which the Queen Consort is the patron. We placed the exhibition in a space outside, and on the metro system throughout the city, to engage with 800,000 people. In the installation itself we had 86,800 visitors. HRH attended the opening and it featured in the national press and TV. This gave an audience reach that far exceeded the average marketing budget.

  I Am.

Working with a photographer as your artist in residence, is an opportunity to say something beautiful, impactful, and inspiring. The creative force we create together can empower people to solve jaded problems with a different energy. We can work together to provoke new thinking and engage people in a different conversation. Through art we can allow different views to be heard in a way that allows people to explore transformations and embrace change. Art facilitates this by allowing us to see through different lenses. 

Artist in Residence Unseen Community

Commissioned by Emmeline's Pantry

Commissioned by NHS

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