Allie Crewe

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 The transgender portrait series "You Brought Your Own Light" BJP Portrait of Britain 2019. Limited First Edition.  ISBN  978-1-9164089-2-0

This book represents the culmination of three years of work by its creator, Allie Crewe. Since its inception, the collection presented in this book has drawn praise from a number of high-profile industry publications including Magnum and LensCulture. Both were impressed by the authenticity of Allie’s portraits of transgender people, referencing their poignant and classical composition and noting the empathetic nature of each image. 

The initial collection of 12 portraits was exhibited in Manchester by the National Transgender Charity, Sparkle, and in 2021 the work had a solo show at the International Diffusion Festival. Ultimately, her unforgettable portrait of Grace went on to secure victory at the BJP Portrait of Britain Awards in 2019. 
Allie has undoubtedly and deservedly earned the right to be counted as one of the exciting new generations of female artists breaking ground with their cameras.
 Here, she asks her audience to re-evaluate their beliefs and question their sense of what makes us who we are. Sex and gender are not merely performative acts that exist in some unspoken physical contract. They exist within and are basic rights that we must be free to express. 


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