A Portrait Commission in 5 Steps.

You wouldn’t buy a wedding dress from the Pound Shop or “guess your size and hope is really is silk”  online. You would look for a shop or designer whose style you love and ask them to tailor one just for you. It would fit like a glove and be unique! A portrait as a private commission works the same way.

Step one:  Look for a style that moves you. Does my work speak to your heart? Do you want  idealised images or aim for authenticity? Now ask for a quote and tell me what you want – a large framed print, canvas, book or digital images.

Step two: Time to meet up to chat. You need to look at my work, choose some you like and talk together and share ideas. I will make time to get to know you and work out what you value.

Step three: Having agreed a plan I begin work looking for the right location, do some test shots and check the light. This could take a lot of time! I may also need to get permission to shoot in that location, lots happens behind the scenes. You may also want styling, hair, make-up arranging.

Step four: The shoot will take at least half a day – longer if you need to. This includes set up time for me – you will not be in front of the camera for four hours! It will then be edited and re-touched before you view the images to select one.

Step five: I will handle the printing at a specialist lab and you only receive the finished goods. If you wanted it framing that is my job too. You will not be charged extra as it was all agreed at the beginning.

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