Why do I obsess about being authentic and photographing authenticity? I shall tell you the truth. During my childhood I was tricked frequently and sexually and physically abused. I cannot deal with duplicity. I like people to be straight with me and to say what they feel. I like people who know who they are and are kind. My motto is’ ” In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” And be true; be authentic. 

So I find authenticity comforting and I feel the responsibility to handle those who sit for me with care because when someone is real they can be vulnerable. It is crucial I am also authentic, so I am vulnerable too. 

Why Focus on Trans Women?

All women construct femininity. We juggle, debate, transform. I change my clothes and behaviour add make-up. I am aware of my looked-at-ness. What kind of woman am I and how do I attract hetro males? How do I dress on a date with my husband? This balancing act is no different for trans women who often tell me that they thought life would be simpler when they started hormone therapy and presenting as women full time. Then they discover that hormones come with swooping emotions and hair and make-up can be a tyranny and a pleasure. Trans women are very diverse. Some are hyper fem and some long for androgyny. some desire men and some women - there is not one form but many norms, which cis women find confusing. As a photographer I meet many trans women, they each have their own story and it is these narratives that I try to capture in my work. 

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