The Last Supper

Last night I had dinner at the City Art Gallery in Manchester. I was photographing a networking event which included a tour of the works of Sylvia Pankhurst, mixing up being a guest and earning my supper! The curator took us through the art work of Pankhurst and I remembered why she was my favourite of the family. She embedded herself into the lives of working women and drew them. At the time poor women were rarely the subject of art and her work has a documentary feel to it as she drew for hours in the factories. She was using her “voice” to create a record of the lives of disenfranchised women. 

I have been asked to do the same this year. Sparkle- The National Transgender Charity - saw my photography work and asked me to work with them as an ally. I record the narratives of trans women and they need a voice. Another woman to speak out in support and challenge prejudice and misconceptions. I have agreed, at least until mainstream society can listen to trans women themselves.

The women I sat down to dinner with were also fighting for a fairer world. Sally Penni is an award winning barrister who promotes diversity, Libby is a judge and a feminist, Justina is a merchant banker who is developing ethical investments. We were all passionate about creating a better and fairer world. Although our work differs we are all actively engaged in changing the world. Some days we do grand deeds and on others tiny acts of rebellion and kindness. 

Tiny acts performed daily add up. Try it! 

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