When I hang my work you get to see my soul. There are two people present in a portrait; the subject and the photographer. What is captured is that fleeting moment between us. It is precious and the curator and I are looking for that magic.

We are also looking at the story, particularly in the eyes, something so human and vulnerable that it unsettles us both. We want visitors to feel compelled, puzzled or to find their own story in the viewing of this image. 

Above is an opening party shot from Still I Rise for the NHS. We wanted to celebrate the inspiring leaders in medicine and the community. The participants said the portrait sitting was therapeutic, a chance to feel witnessed. I asked them to have a voice too and write their story, any part of it. Even the CEO wrote about racism. 

Below, you see work entitled, I Am, for SafeLives and yes, Queen Camilla did kindly open it. I wanted to challenge some of the narratives about domestic abuse. SICK! placed the images outside in lightboxes, thanks in part to an Arts Council Grant. It was a very emotional and powerful exhibition. We had footfall of 886,800 people and coverage from the national press and TV. It felt like a campaign us all. A chance to use art as a force of change. 

 I currently have work at the Science Gallery in London about dementia and end of life care. University College and Kings in London did a joint five year study and wanted to share their finding with the public. Science and art work well together. Portraits humanise statistics and we relate to faces. 

Olivia, in front of the red car above, was my first group show at The Getty Gallery. That was a life changer as it motivated me to leave my safe job and become freelance. I had an image hanging in a room with Martin Parr et al and I knew I had to take a leap of faith. My first solo show of Your Own Light is to the left and then you next to it three images from Photo London where I hung as 'Emerging Talent'. You can do that at 20 or 50 years old. 

Recently, I Am hung in The Royal Exchange Theatre to support the, Bruntwood winning play, Shed. A lot of my time is spent collaborating and being a part of a team. Together we make have greater impact. 

Whether my work hangs in a gallery or in public spaces, I am always striving to create beautiful portraits, connect to the sitter in a gentle, respectful way where they shape their own representation.

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