Quick Before the Tan Fades!

Right now you are brown and healthy, the children are still off school ( okay maybe you look brown and are stressed!) but the children look great. I used to dread the long winters when my daughter was little, she would grow pale and hollow eyed and I’d feel like a bad mother. I’d tell myself the she had a cold then a virus that she just needed more sleep - but I’d worry too. 

I’ve thought of something to help. Why not plan Christmas presents now! Don’t yell at me like that! You will be early, all the tricky pressie’s for the grand parents will be sorted and I can even gift wrap; boxes and ribbons? It would be a fabulous help. At the school gates you may boast, ” We had a award winning photographer shoot the children, yeah the one who had the solo exhibition in Manchester, we were soooo lucky to get a slot, she is quite choosy!”

Smug but appealing right? Now any High Street has those photo places but you hate to copy the crowd. So I’m thinking a “private commission” would help, it sounds mysterious and even posher than “bespoke.” I promise not to tell them the price was reasonable!

Searching for Families

” This is a terrific body of work, filled with heart and empathy.”

I Like shooting families. It sounds like one of those T Shirt’s doesn’t it - you know, “I shoot people for a living and sometimes cut their heads off!” Seriously though, I love watching people and children are rather quirky. They have a habit of pushing boundaries and they tend to offer the truth about themselves. Mum maybe saying, “Smile for the camera,” but they know that is fake. So I watch until they relax and offer those unguarded moments - those photos I love, they are tender and intimate. They frown when they are thinking and laugh when they feel happy. It takes a little longer than a traditional studio shoot but why hurry it? I’m not a production line and I re -touch by hand too,  ( the studios use a computerised app for speed) it is all artisan in Chorlton!

Shooting siblings or parents with children is a pleasure too. I’m fascinated by the relationships between families. If I place you on a white background, pose you and tell you all to smile I impose a generic formula onto you. It takes skill and patience to see your authentic story. I win awards and have a solo exhibition.

 Magnum Photography say, “Highly Rated. Sincere, poignant and classical work.”

 LensCulture say, ” This is a terrific body of work, filled with heart and empathy.”

Lets leave the last word to the experts!

The Solo Exhibition


 I’m going to find out. When I had work at The Getty Gallery London last year it was terrifying. People would look at mine and I’d think, no look at Martin Parr’s work or Rankin’s, I’d hold my breath, they moved on, I’d exhale!

This Thursday 26th July my solo exhibition opens in Manchester. Today we delivered all of the prints, yesterday we did the installation, tomorrow we hang.  I’m nervous so why am I doing it? My mentor told me to on 2nd January and the very next day Sparkle got in touch and said they’d been watching me and would like to meet. Serendipity! These narratives are important. To help to tell the stories of those who are often oppressed and denied a voice. To give work to a charity who can profit from the publicity and sales, this makes my work meaningful. 

I’ve been working for Sam’s Diamonds - the cancer support charity and start a job for Emmeline’s Pantry next month. These tend to be huge projects and I’m still juggling the business and family work. Not shot a nude for a couple of weeks though - now I do need more of those in my diary!

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